Holiday Inn Express Middlesbrough

Case study: Ashall Projects

A partnership for the future at the heart of Middlesbrough.

When we identified a key town centre site as ideal for conversion to a hotel, Middlesbrough Council worked with us to enable the project to happen.

We knew there was strong demand for hotel rooms at an affordable price, but it would take vision, ambition and creativity to make the dream a reality.

Over a period of twelve months we did our research and drew up our business case, working closely with the Council on the progress we were making and the issues we faced.

The Council’s far-sighted decision to provide a £5.8m loan towards the overall cost of the project ensured it got off the ground, and underpins the success story we see today.

The Holiday Inn Express has performed well since opening – which led to us extending it with further support from the Council, and it in turn is acting as a catalyst for investment in the town centre.

Middlesbrough Council’s willingness to work with developers to progress its vision will stand the town in good stead for future generations.

From start to finish our experience of working with the Council has been extremely positive, and as a result we are already committed to other development projects in the town.

This has been good business for Ashall, but it is also delivering long term, sustainable benefits not just for Middlesbrough but for the economy of the whole area.

Projects like these not only create jobs and prosperity, but also serve as a beacon to other entrepreneurs and investors that Middlesbrough really is a great place to do business.

Mark Ashall, Managing Director,
Ashall Projects Ltd.

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