Grey Towers Village development by Barratt David Wilson homes

Case study: Barratt David Wilson Homes

Building Middlesbrough’s future at Grey Towers Farm.

Why Middlesbrough?

As the UK’s biggest home builder and a North East-based FTSE 100 company, Barratt David Wilson are always looking for opportunities to make the sort of investments that make a real difference.

So confident were we in the Council’s forward-thinking approach to growth and regeneration that it was quickly clear that a flagship development at Grey Towers Farm would make a real statement that this town is going places.

And it’s proved not just to be mutually beneficial – it’s delivering both healthy profits and a hugely positive impact on the economy of the region as a whole.

So far we have delivered 100 much needed, new, high-end homes at Grey Towers alongside a commitment to build at least a further 300, with Middlesbrough Council partnering us throughout, offering invaluable support and encouraging first class design.

Thanks to that relationship we’re committed to an investment programme in the town worth some £80 million over the next six to eight years, with an impact on the wider economy estimated at nearly a quarter of a billion pounds – to put it into context that’s a staggering 4% of the annual GDP of the Tees Valley as a whole.

This scheme alone will result in nearly £5 million of additional retail expenditure in the town per annum, further driving a town centre economy that is looking in better health than it has for decades.

That’s the sort of story we want to be part of, and such has been the initial success that we are already exploring the potential of other local sites.

Why Middlesbrough? Because it’s the town that can.

Scott Martin, Managing Director,
Barratt David Wilson Homes

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