Growth and prosperity through housing

Meeting the demand for, and variety of, additional new homes in Middlesbrough to meet the needs and aspirations of a growing population.

The building of modern, high quality housing is crucial if Middlesbrough is to retain and grow its population as a key driver in wealth generation and the delivery of good quality public services.

The town is currently embarked on the most ambitious housebuilding programme in its history, with more than 1,500 new homes completed over the last two years and 7,000 due by 2029.

Delivering middle- and uppermarket properties alongside attractive affordable housing – in quality neighbourhoods with a sense of place and a local identity – will help to attract and retain economically-active households and in turn support economic growth.

Well-designed neighbourhoods will require significant infrastructure including transport networks, schools, good quality open space, cycle routes, and local facilities.

Key actions 2017 – 2029

  1. Undertake comprehensive review of the Local Plan.
  2. Work with TVCA to drive housing growth and innovative housing solutions.
  3. Complete masterplans of strategic sites at Newham Hall Farm, Nunthorpe, and Brookfield.
  4. Deliver the Infrastructure Delivery Plan to ensure that the public services and amenities are in place to support expansive development growth.
  5. Meet market demand by ensuring a steady flow of new sites.
  6. Bring forward options for city-centre living.