University Quarter

Building on the success of Teesside University and Linthorpe Road to provide high quality educational, residential, and commercial opportunities.

Over the last decade, Teesside University has invested more than £250 million in its Campus Heart with a further £50 million scheduled for the next three years.

With more than 20,000 students it is a significant economic driver for Middlesbrough and the wider Tees area.

The University’s success has helped drive a revival in the surrounding area as well as Middlesbrough’s night-time economy, and plans are in place for further complementary development that will support growth in the University campus and for businesses across the Linthorpe Road area.

The University continues to play a key role in the ongoing regeneration and economic and cultural vitality of the town, and the Council will continue to support and develop its links with a thriving and prosperous retail centre.

The demand for student amenities presents further opportunities to bring forward a residential mixed use development in Gresham, underpinned by the presence of a new student village.

The thriving Baker and Bedford Streets provide a natural crossroad to further integrate the University Quarter with the retail core. Similarly, the local area presents a further opportunity to mirror the high quality public realm standards set by the recent Southfield Road scheme.

Work continues on the neighbouring Gresham regeneration area, with proposals for a new student village and further enhancements to Linthorpe Road as a centre for independent retail and the night-time economy.

Key actions 2017 – 2020

  1. Creation of a new student village.
  2. Enhance Linthorpe Road as a centre for independent retail and the night time economy through public realm improvements and business support.
  3. Support the University in the further development of the campus masterplan.