People and skills

Within a 20 minute drive of Middlesbrough there are over

  • 450,000 people
  • 65,000 people in managerial or professional occupations
  • 75,000 people who are degree (or above) educated

Around half a million people of working age can be found within 30 miles of the Tees Valley, and the 7000 new homes currently planned for Middlesbrough, including an exciting range of executive homes, provide a perfect opportunity for staff relocation.

The area’s focus on the health sector for several years now means it has a skilled, available and highly motivated workforce with developing skills in health services, research and development.

A vast range of support is available for businesses to support training, apprenticeships, recruitment and skills development. The Tees Valley Skills Hub can provide a good overview in the first instance of the agencies and support available.