Middlesbrough is open for business – and looking forward to the future with ever-growing confidence and ambition.

The Mayor’s 2025 Vision puts Middlesbrough firmly at the heart of the Tees Valley City Region, and competing with cities across the UK and further afield.

With 100 miles separating Leeds to the south and Newcastle to the north, Middlesbrough is ideally placed at the midpoint to further develop its status as a major economic centre.

The town’s capacity to grow and prosper depends on its ability to continue to attract the new businesses, entrepreneurs and investment that will drive job creation and long-term prosperity.

The Council plays a critical role in facilitating and financially supporting delivery through developing investment models and working with the Tees Valley Combined Authority to stimulate investment.

The town is ripe for investment and development, with highly competitive land prices compared with other cities reflecting Middlesbrough’s early steps on a journey that will establish its reputation as a regional powerhouse.

With the full backing of the Council, major private sector-led investments are already bringing about a change in the town’s ambition and aspiration, with the economic growth across the borough clear for all to see.

Over the last few years Middlesbrough Council has enabled a transformational regeneration programme characterised by contemporary architecture, pioneering entrepreneurial spirit and forward thinking investment to take place.

This Investment Prospectus reflects on a number of recent successes, more than £74 million of direct Council investment, and lays out the ambitions and priorities that will take Middlesbrough on to the next phase in its journey.

The Council’s vision, which builds on the work already under way, is underpinned by a commitment to creating sustained economic growth, high quality jobs and thriving communities.

Critical to this is the ambition to inspire, upskill and connect Middlesbrough’s people to the new opportunities created.

This is a hugely exciting time for a town on the verge of great things, and we look forward to forging the new partnerships that help turn dreams into reality.

Middlesbrough Council is investing £74 million over the next four years to facilitate the delivery of each of the major initiatives contained within this prospectus, and will continue to use its land and assets to create economic growth, good quality jobs and prosperity for the people of Middlesbrough.