Don’t panic it – plan it!

If you can focus now on what lies ahead rather than what is happening now you are more likely to emerge from the crisis stronger. Having a strong plan is the foundation for recovery.

Businesses thrive when they implement a well thought out plan. It is vital business owners spend some time now planning for the future and assessing what they need to do now to ensure your business is successful as we come out of lockdown. Businesses need to anticipate obstacles that will arise in the coming weeks and months and set a course for the business.

About this event

Middlesbrough Council and Business Doctors have teamed up to offer businesses in Middlesbrough the chance to take part in a FREE 1 hour online Covid-19 resilience planning seminar and follow up 1-1 online support.

The COVID-19 Planning Workshop and Toolkit will benefit business owners who:

  • Want to feel more in control and have confidence that their business can survive and recover
  • Are seeking to establish a 180-day battle plan to tackle the immediate challenges due to COVID-19
  • Need clarity on current cash planning and to create reliable scenario projections and forecasts
  • Would like to understand how to assess any shortfall in cash, and present a coherent case for raising funds and grant applications
  • Are looking to refocus their sales activities around immediate short-term opportunities
  • Want to motivate, engage and sustain their workforce
  • Like to have the security of having full visibility and control of their business on daily basis.

Key features include:

  • A one-hour online seminar with the chance to ask questions
  • A structured 180-day planning workbook to help capture and record key learnings
  • A downloadable cash scenario planning tool
  • A downloadable 180 Planning Implementation/project management tool
  • Access to the Flow cash management tool
  • 30-day FREE access to the Pulse Forecasting and Financial planning platform
  • Private 1-hour follow up review sessions with a Business Doctor advisor

Places are limited

To take part in these sessions you must be within the Middlesbrough Council local authority area. Only available to businesses that have not already taken part in the Business Doctors planning sessions being delivered by other organisations

Online seminars will take place week beginning 25 May 2020.

To book a place information please email