Your business is nothing without its workforce. Middlesbrough is home to a highly skilled, ambitious and adaptable talent pipeline, with the people your business needs to succeed

Across all areas of the employment spectrum, from managers to apprentices, and directors to graduates, the area has a highly trained, motivated, and economical workforce, with salary rates in the north east more affordable than anywhere else in the country. 

The area’s two leading education institutions are located in the heart of Middlesbrough. Both Teesside University and Middlesbrough College work directly with businesses to align their education offer to the skills requirements of employers, providing graduates that are ready for the world of work. 

Middlesbrough College’s training and business support service, The Northern Skills Group, supplies over 3000 apprentices to a range of industries, including accounting and financial services, STEM, manufacturing, and digital.

Middlesbrough benefits from a large commuter area with over 24,000 people travelling in from surrounding areas each day. There are over 600,000 people qualified to a level 4 or above within an hour’s drive, and 54,330 currently employed in professional occupations across the wider Tees Valley area.

  • 136,316 people live within 10 minutes’ drive
  • 450,000 people live within 20 minutes’ drive
  • Over 700,000 live within 30 minutes’ drive