International provider of industrial fire and rescue services – Falck Fire Services UK – has worked alongside the North East’s leading two-way digital radio specialists to upgrade its existing radio system to significantly increase their workers safety whilst also reducing costs for the business.

Teesside based Eemits Communications has installed its unique modular platform – TRBOCALL – to Falck who provide support to over 100 businesses in airports and high-risk industries including petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants, steel plants and automotive manufacturers.

Speaking about the upgrade, Ian Scott, Operations Commander at Falck said: “Working in high hazard environments, having efficient two-way communications is absolutely vital. The analogue radio system we previously had in place significantly lacked audio quality and our equipment required an upgrade.

“We chose to work with Eemits as we wanted to work with a local and trusted provider. Not only did they provide us with a system that offers unrivalled coverage and saved us significant costs through eliminating the need to buy radio communication infrastructure, we now have a system that has outstanding radio quality, as well as a number of crucial safety features to protect our workforce.”

Eemits TRBOCALL system comprises six elements including infrastructure, hardware, software, service wrap, features and accessories. Falck’s new system now operates on Eemits cloud based fool-proof network structure – Capacity Max – meaning the company did not need to incur hefty costs of installing its own infrastructure.

Dr. Craig Matthews, Managing Director at Eemits said: “We have heavily invested in our innovative Capacity Max system, a completely managed structure, to offer our clients based in the North East an unrivalled network solution allowing them to not only save money on set up and maintenance infrastructure costs, but also eliminate the need to have an OFCOM licence, reducing administration time.

“With many layers of redundancy, we can guarantee the system will not go down. If there was to be a power cut, we have installed a control room system at Falck with IT fallbacks in place. This means that Falck can rest assured that their communications will always run as efficiently as they possibly can, which is very important in their line of work.”

Eemits provided a series of ATEX certified hand portable Motorola DP4801, which are extremely hard wearing with a rugged design and which are suitable for use in high hazard environments. The company was also supplied with a series of desktop Motorola DM4601E radios and two dispatcher PC’s with intuitive user interfaces allowing Falck to receive different types of radio calls whilst also benefiting from full visualisation.

Falck chose a number of software elements to accompany the TRBOCALL system – which can be tailored to suit individual business needs – including personal safety. This involved a number of features on the radios including a panic button, which activates if a worker was to have a trip or fall, a built in lone worker function and voice recording, a crucial health and safety element which is integrated into the system software.

Established in 1986, Eemits Communications operates from its headquarters at Riverside Park, Middlesbrough. The company boasts an impressive client portfolio including EDF Energy Nuclear, Lucite International, CF Fertilisers and Go Ahead Group.