An international blue-chip turbocharger manufacturer has significantly enhanced the safety of its employees performing lone worker operations through the implementation of a tailored digital two-way radio modular platform delivered by the North East’s leading communication specialist.

Middlesbrough based Eemits Communications provided the company with a lone working two-way system fully integrated across ten buildings including eight high voltage substations and two production buildings at the company’s UK facilities based in the North of England.

The new system in place – TRBOCALL – comprises six elements from infrastructure, hardware and software right through to service wrap, features and accessories. Eemits tailored each element of the system to suit both the business needs of the company, whilst also optimising the coverage of the radios across all sites.

With safety of paramount importance across the turbocharger manufacturer’s extensive facilities, some of which include high hazard zones, to ensure the company’s lone workers are protected at all times, Eemits integrated a series of software applications to the systems radio devices. These included a series of lone working solutions; panic button which can be activated by workers in need of assistance; a man down feature that triggers if a worker has a trip or fall and if the worker is unresponsive for a period of time an alarm will sound; and GPS and internal tracking allowing the company to monitor the location of its lone workers at all times.

Consisting of a series of i-beacons connecting to radio handsets via built in Bluetooth and GPS, internal and external, geographical information is relayed onto a series of site maps which is available to access via the company’s central computers. For additional safety the company further opted to setup geofences, which means that if workers step into an unallocated area, an alarm will be raised within its central office.

Speaking about the successful contract delivery, Dr Craig Matthews, Managing Director at Eemits said: “We are delighted to have worked closely with the leading turbocharging manufacturer to develop a modular platform solution that significantly improves the safety of its lone workers, providing full reassurance for the business, and most importantly, its staff.

“Our TRBOCALL system really propels radio communications into the digital age and demonstrates how advancement in technologies can be integrated into daily communications within a business, which ultimately has seen our clients not only increase their safety, but also improve productivity whilst driving efficiencies. And what’s more is businesses can tailor the system to suit its individual needs.

“Safety can never be underestimated – and staggeringly only 6% of lone workers in the UK are protected with radio communications devices – a figure which we would like to help to dramatically increase with the implementation of our unique modular platform to enable businesses to protect its workforce.”

Established in 1986, Eemits Communications operates from its headquarters at Riverside Park, Middlesbrough. The company boasts an impressive client portfolio including EDF Energy Nuclear, Lucite International, CF Fertilisers and Go Ahead Group.