Enjoying Middlesbrough

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Cost of living

Residents of Middlesbrough and surrounding areas enjoy a lower cost of living than all other cities in the UK, including neighbouring Newcastle, York, and Leeds.

Local life

Whether it’s office workers enjoying a huge selection of eateries throughout the day and during the night, residents and visitors enjoying the town centre shops, or spending quality time with family in the parks, cinemas and activity centres around Middlesbrough, those associated with the area are guaranteed a quality lifestyle.

Sport and leisure

Middlesbrough Sports Village, in the heart of Middlesbrough, is the centrepiece of sporting activity and offers state of the art facilities. Plans are also well underway to add to the fantastic array of sporting facilities Middlesbrough has to offer with the building of a snow centre.

The great outdoors

Perhaps the biggest surprise to visitors to Middlesbrough is quite how verdant the town is. From pockets of greenery to acres of parkland, Middlesbrough’s town centre is a breath of fresh air.


Middlesbrough is home to a wide range of medical practitioners, dental services, care services, health, sports and therapy providers, as well as research and development specialists.