The North East’s leading provider of immersive solutions – Animmersion – is the first of its kind in the UK to launch a revolutionary mixed-reality display that is changing the way in which people see things. And the company is keen to open its doors and share the unique immersive experience with businesses.

With offices located in the vibrant digital hub, Boho One in Middlesbrough, Animmersion is providing companies throughout the UK a one-off opportunity to exclusively view this new immersive solution – DeepFrame One.

Merging the real and virtual world to produce visualisations where physical and digital elements blend in real-time, the DeepFrame One – developed and manufactured by Denmark based Realfiction – allows viewers to experience lifelike visuals like never before without the use of traditional and immersive VR eyewear.

With a window-like display, the DeepFrame One is the largest of its kind boasting a high-precision optical lens, combined with a uniquely curved OLED screen. Unlike any other display, the DeepFrame One impressively produces visualisations of any size, depth or distance allowing viewers to experience breath-taking images and animations as a virtual layer on top of the real world.

Speaking about the launch of the Deepframe One, Dominic Lusardi, Managing Director at Animmersion said: “We are delighted to be the first immersive solutions provider in the UK to showcase this mind-blowing technology that is really paving the way in the digital age, showcasing the latest advances in technology at its very best.

“Through our close working relationships with RealFiction we are fortunate to be at the very forefront in promoting new technologies and demonstrating how they can most effectively be applied. The DeepFrame One is an ideal interactive tool to be used in open spaces such as museums, learning centres and retail outlets to allow audiences to have a totally unique experience whilst engaging with an enhanced reality.

“We have already seen an incredible amount of interest in the DeepFrame One which is why we are inviting companies – from any sector – to come and experience this incredible display first hand that possesses multiple benefits, right from being used as an advertising tool through to being applied for informational purposes.

“We have a few projects underway utilising this game-changing mixed reality display and we are confident that our order book will continue to grow.”

Earlier this year, Dominic joined a Director at RealFiction to launch DeepFrame at the global consumer electronics show CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The company also held an exclusive European launch in London which attracted an array of high profile retailers, designers and manufacturers from across the globe.

The DeepFrame One will be available to view at the company’s offices in Middlesbrough until mid-June this year.

Established in 2006, Animmersion is one of the country’s leading designers and suppliers of digital tools – dashboards, user interfaces, apps and animations – and works across a number of sectors including offshore & subsea, energy, process industries, engineering, construction, defence and retail.