Multisec®, a UK-based leader in the design and manufacture of lifting and spreader beams, proudly announces its 1600 Tonne Monopile Beam—a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in heavy lifting solutions.

This cutting-edge beam offers lifting centres at an impressive 32 meters and carries a working load limit of 1600 tonnes. This project was turned around in under two months. The beam comprises two 2-meter end units with drop links and a combination of three 8-meter struts and one 4-meter strut, summing up to an approximate weight of 31,463 kg. The beam’s impressive specifications, coupled with its eye-catching Multisec’s bright pink colour, make it not only a functional masterpiece but also a symbol of modern engineering excellence.

This project represents Multisec’s most ambitious achievement to date in terms of both length and lifting capacity. Wan Djawad, Technical Director at Multisec®, expressed his enthusiasm for this remarkable achievement, stating, “The successful delivery of our 1600 Tonne Monopile Spreader Beam is a strong testament to our capabilities as a leading spreader beam manufacturer.”

With the demand for high-capacity lifting equipment on the rise, Wan Djawad affirmed, “I’m looking forward to building on the success of this project and continuing to produce high-quality lifting solutions for our customers both in the UK and overseas.”

Multisec® remains steadfast in its commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower businesses to confidently tackle their most challenging projects. The company’s passion for innovation and dedication to excellence are evident in this project, showcasing its ability to deliver effective solutions for complex and demanding projects.

Amanda Gardiner, Managing Director at Multisec®, also commented on this achievement, stating, “The 1600 Tonne Monopile Beam showcases our unwavering commitment to offshore wind, increased loadings, and our innovative approach to continually push boundaries.”

This latest achievement by Multisec® reflects its future direction, defined by a continuous pursuit of excellence and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in heavy lifting. As the industry evolves, Multisec® remains at the forefront, ready to meet the future with innovative solutions.

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