Intasite, a Middlesbrough based online induction specialist, has recently helped streamline the induction process for Yorkshire based plant fertilizer organisation, Sirius Minerals.

The newly struck business relationship comes off the back of a mentoring programme, delivered by NEPIC and Innovate Tees Valley.

Intasite combines digital expertise with health and safety induction knowledge to produce bespoke site entry platforms that can be delivered remotely. This approach allows visitors, contractors and workers to carry out an induction programme assessment from their computer, mobile or tablet in advance of gaining site access, saving firms both time and money.

Seeking expert consultancy, industry feedback and, ultimately, the networking opportunities to take this innovative platform to the chemical market, Intasite enrolled with INNOVATE Tees Valley for sector focused growth support via industry-body, NEPIC.

Following a series of initial meetings, Intasite would then be given the opportunity to test the market via NEPIC’s ‘match & mentor’ service. Here, businesses can pitch to key decision makers, acting as mentors, who offer advice regarding product relevance and pitch presentation. For Intasite, this approach provided much more than could ever have been expected!

Impressed by Intasite’s unique remote, multi-site induction platform technology, one of NEPIC’s mentors referred Intasite to Sirius Minerals. The UK-based multi-nutrient fertiliser company is currently constructing what will be the world’s largest polyhalite mine near Whitby in North Yorkshire, with processing facilities on Teesside.

With construction due to commence, Sirius Minerals required a low cost, time effective health & safety induction solution for several types of visitors to their mine sites. Furthermore, due to the expanding nature of the project, the firm required a solution that could be easily modified to take on board new regulations, and cover expanding areas, during the planned 3-year construction phase.

The platform includes assessment to ensure that visitors have engaged with and absorbed the essential information in the induction video. There is an option to send out automated messages, informing those due for renewal when their validation will expire, and remind them to re-sit their induction.

Nigel Chapman, Health and Safety Manager for Sirius Minerals, said:
“The speed at which Intasite was able to deliver our induction package was hugely impressive, and their flexibility was invaluable. Working with local businesses and having a local supply chain is also very important to us, so to find a good provider in Teesside was a huge bonus.”

Intasite director, Danielle Croce added:
“The Intasite platform stands on its own merit, having built up an intimate client base across the UK. However, without INNOVATE Tees Valley support, the introductions needed to secure an opportunity with Sirius Minerals and other companies in the process sector would not have been possible.

“NEPIC provided opportunities to present to industry professionals and gain a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the sector. This has by far been the biggest benefit of the programme, giving us the opportunity to create a long-lasting relationship with one of our biggest clients.”

NEPIC INNOVATE Tees Valley programme manager, Joanne Rout, commented:
“This is a fabulous outcome for both Intasite and Sirius Minerals. It is also testament to the INNOVATE Tees Valley approach, the outstanding support we receive from industry mentors and the determination and ambition of the region’s small business community.”

About Intasite: Intasite has been built to help organisations streamline the induction process and create quality, engaging induction video content that prepares inductees for site access. Using an online induction platform such as Intasite, eliminates the need for a visitor to carry out the induction on site. Instead, inductees can do their induction prior to arrival, reducing the strain on induction costs & resources for companies and increasing workflow and efficiency.

With numerous clients under their belt, Intasite are carving their niche in the marketplace to offer a start-to-end induction process for any kind of organisation. Partnering with NEPIC has opened up a new industry to Intasite that the team can continue to build upon.