The managing director of a company bringing more than 100 new jobs to Middlesbrough has revealed why it was the perfect location to set up.

Tony Anderson of Splash Utilities – a water utility brokerage – said a number of cities were under consideration, including Leeds, before it became clear none could offer the same package as Middlesbrough.

Mr Anderson said: “There was a number of factors, one was the resource pool available to us, we knew there was unemployment here but people with skills we believe are transferrable, we had fantastic support from the Council which was a major factor.

“We were looking to locate in Leeds and we spoke to them and other areas and they weren’t as supportive so that was a big thing for us.

“Middlesbrough Council has pointed us in directions of agencies and other support mechanisms, helped us identify sponsorship opportunities, plus the area itself is starting to grow

“The network links are great, we’re just off the A66, the train station is next door, car parking – which will be really important when we are at full capacity, facilities for the staff.

“I came to Middlesbrough a few years ago and like most cities at that time it felt a little sad, I don’t mean that in a derogatory way but people had their head down a little bit. You walk around now and it feels fantastic and to be part of that is really exciting for us.”

The firm moved into their 8,000 sq ft premises in Royal Middlehaven House and have 30 staff already in place, with a further 70 positions hoped to be created in the new year.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are also available, meaning staff can gain qualifications whilst working for the company.

Royal Middlehaven House is owned by another Middlesbrough company Python Properties, whose co-founder Peter Broome described the decision of Splash as a “great coup”.

He said: “We developed this building in 2003-04 when there was not much here and we have seen Boho develop, the police station develop here and other building work.

“Splash is a great coup for Middlesbrough but it’s a great coup for us as well. Middlesbrough has performed fantastically over the last three years and I think it’s on an upward trajectory that will continue to improve.”

Cllr Charlie Rooney, Middlesbrough’s Deputy Mayor and Executive Member for City Centre Strategy, said: “It’s great to hear Tony and Peter talking so positively about Middlesbrough and we are getting the same message back right across the city centre.

“There is a great amount of positivity at the moment, the Council’s Investment Prospectus and the work being put in by council officers in Economic Growth are giving more and more confidence that Middlesbrough is open for business.”

Image: (L-R) Debbie Ingoldsby from Middlesbrough Council’s Investment and Growth team, Tony Anderson of Splash Utilities, Cllr Charlie Rooney, Middlesbrough’s Deputy Mayor and Peter Broome of Python Properties.